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small group tours redefined

Insights Tours

For curious-minded travellers who want to delve deeper into a country and engage with the people who live there.

The tours are defined by experiences — by meeting interesting individuals we know and interacting with them, and by activities that will give a greater depth of understanding about the places we are visiting. On a day-to-day level this means getting out and about, seeing and doing things, and often for the whole day. The pace of the tours is active.

Insights tours by Remarkable East are likely to feature uncommon destinations and experiences. The tours will reveal to you places most travellers won’t see, and will give you the opportunity to connect with the country in a way that other travellers don’t get to experience. We know these destinations are worth taking you to, because we’ve travelled them ourselves. Designing the tours based on personal experience and research, these tours can’t be replicated by other travel companies.

Insights are for travellers who are taken with subjects such as history, architecture, art and archaeology, who want to immerse themselves in a place and come away knowing something new. These tours suit travellers who appreciate the chance to sit and chat with locals, participating in the small and large experiences of the journey.

The accommodation within our Insights tours still maintains our high standard, but will be more varied and interesting and, because the trips go to lesser-known places, it’s diverse. You may stay in a small wildlife lodge, a lovely B&B, or a restored haveli where the hosts themselves and the knowledge they have are the reason to stay there. Travellers who look for authenticity, who enjoy engaging with local personalities but still look for comfort, will appreciate the accommodation within the Insights tours.

This style of tour is designed to give a greater insight into your destination.

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