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Founder, Remarkable East

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Small group tours redefined

Our Team

Our team has devoted decades to travel and to curating authentic travel experiences for others. Remarkable East is built on more than 20 years of knowledge we have acquired from living, working and exploring India and Sri Lanka – and applying that experience and expertise to planning tours for you across Asia. We take pride in what we do, our tours are considered, and every detail is important.

We’ve taken our decades of knowledge and reconnaissance and distilled them into five contemporary itineraries: North India Revealed, Sri Lanka in Style, Fabulous India, Brahmaputra River Cruise and Heritage Golf India. These tours are authentic and insightful. Personally crafted, each tour comprises a collection of places we’ve discovered, that we know well and know to be remarkable. They are intriguing and feature more than just the highlights.

With Remarkable East, our tours are personal. They are personally researched, tried and tested, refined by us and led by us. They will reveal to you people and places travellers ordinarily would not meet or find on their own.

We invite you to experience Remarkable East with us.

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